Baseus Wireless Charging Pad – Expectations and Review

What to Expect with Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging for smartphones has been around for about more or less 8 years. The standard implemented is called Qi, you can see on smartphone specs or companies telling you if the phone or device is Qi wireless compatible, meaning it has a wireless charging feature based on that standard. The Baseus wireless charger that I bought supports the following power output: 2.5W, 5W, 10W, and 15W.

Fast wireless charging is considered to be 10W and up. But you’re phone needs to support the max output for it to fast charge. However, you need the right USB cable and charging pad to have the max output. For example, you have a USB Type-C cable that can deliver 15W, a charging pad with 15W (like Baseus) output, and a smartphone that supports QuickCharge 3.0, then you can maximize the charging speed that the pad can offer. You can also learn more about fast charging on a blog by DigitalTrends here.

To get the Wattage, you can calculate by Ampere multiple by Voltage.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wireless Charging Pad:

  • If part of your work or routine is sitting on a desk, then a wireless charging pad is an absolute must. Just placing it on a desk and leaving your phone there to charge is super convenient.
  • Wireless charging pads gets warm
  • Go for reputable brands (something like Baseus, Anker, or official wireless charging pads for your phone)
  • Wireless charging usually takes twice the amount of time compared to directly plugin on a charging adapter.
  • Phone casing, especially thick ones will either prevent the wireless charging or will charge slower. Although it is wireless, it is still inductive charging where close proximity with the phone and the coils inside the wireless charging pad is needed.
  • Make sure that the phone supports Qi wireless charging
  • Check if your phone supports QuickCharge or just regular charging, or what version of QuickCharge you have.

Review: Baseus Simple Wireless Charger (Updated)

  1. Price – Fairly cheap, just less than P1,000 ($20) with a max output of 15W
  2. Package – Includes:
    1. 1 wireless charging pad
    2. 1 USB Type-C cable
    3. Manual, Warranty card and free stickers
      Note: Does not include a charging adapter
  3. Appearance – The one I got has a transparent glass where I can see the internal hardware, pretty cool. It does have a version of black and white color. Although it has a green light that seems to be off with the color theme. It’s thin and almost the same size of a coaster.

    Here are some images for you to check:
baseus wireless charging pad testing

Close up with a print of “15w” on it.

baseus wireless charging pad closeup

Quiet thin though.

baseus wireless charging pad thickness

baseus wireless charging pad on hand

4. Performance – I tried to get the maximum charging speed with my LG V30 but the fast-wireless charging seems to be a hit or miss. I bought a UGreen fast charger just to make sure and was able to show the fast-wireless charging briefly but removing the phone and placing it again I can only get the regular charge. Not sure if this is an LG V30 issue or a software issue. So far it takes around 3 hours for wireless charging from 0-100%. When plugged in fast charging takes 1.5hrs to complete from 0-100%.

Final Thoughts

I was aiming to get the fast wireless charging feature work, but unfortunately, it does not. I’m still troubleshooting and will update this blog. Overall though, the Baseus wireless charging pad is a good product. It has a great look, doesn’t fail to charge, and doesn’t overheat. You can consider this but just make sure that you do your research about your phone being compatible with most wireless charging pads. If you’re looking for a fast wireless charging feature, then I might not be able to recommend this. Better to look for official fast wireless charging pads that are truly compatible with your phone.

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